Help with Rates relief for over 70s – Duddy

Sinn Féin Councillor Sharon Duddy has encouraged ratepayers in Derry aged 70 or over who live alone to check if they are entitled to 20 per cent discount on their rates.

Tenants and homeowners are eligible for Lone Pensioner Allowance. Their social security benefits should not be affected because the allowance is not means-tested.

Councillor Duddy said “I would encourage anyone who feels they may be entitled to the Lone Pensioner Allowance for rates relief which is for anyone aged 70 or over who live alone to check it out.

“On many occasions’ people are put off applying for help they should rightly be getting because the forms are too long and complicated,

“There are many good welfare rights organisations across the city who can give you confidential advice. A lot of these organisations are always very busy so if anyone is seeking advice they should ring up and make an appointment.

“You can also ask for a benefit check to see if you are getting all the benefits and grants you are entitled to. It could give you that much needed £20 or £30 extra a week or monthly you currently are missing out on.