‘Hierarchy of victims entirely unacceptable’ –McCartney

The British government has a legal and financial responsibility to implement a pension for all those who were severely and permanently injured as a result of the conflict in the north, Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney has said: 

The party’s Justice spokesperson was responding to attempts by Westminster MPs to exclude certain categories of people injured during the conflict from receiving a pension. 

“The provision of a pension for all those seriously injured should be provided immediately. 

“This is required so that those injured as a result of the conflict can live their lives in a dignified manner and help ease the financial burden on them and their families.

“Recent moves in Westminster to exclude a pension to certain categories of those injured would be discriminatory and run contrary to the legal definition of a victim. 

“This move has to be seen alongside an attempt by some MPs to bring in legislation that would prevent investigations into killings by serving and retired British State forces. In effect to offer immunity to state forces in the case of murder.

“Creating a hierarchy of victims and an amnesty to a particular combatant force runs against international human rights law and is entirely unacceptable. 

“It is also contrary to the legacy structures agreed by all parties and the two governments at Stormont House in 2014. 

“That agreement clearly sets out an agreed framework to deliver truth and justice for all victims and survivors and should be implemented immediately.”