High visibility police operation on Strand Road‏ – Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed an initiative by the PSNI to tackle the issue of “boy racers” located at a car park on the Strand Road which has been of huge concern to local residents.

Councillor Cooper said Mickey Cooper

The general public and residents living in the lower Strand Road have been well aware for some time of the issues with so called “boy racers” gathering at a car park in the area .There has also been huge concerns about cars racing along Strand Road during the 11pm-3am period. I have organised meetings between residents and the PSNI over the issue which left the police in no doubt about residents’ concerns.

As a result of this engagement and continued contact between myself and officers I can now confirm that the PSNI met with the DVA enforcement senior management team at Strand Road.

I welcome the confirmation that they have agreed a draft schedule of high visibility operations in the area planned to run to the end of the year to tackle this issue.

If any resident has any queries feel free to contact me on 07743175709