Holiday insurance as important as getting a passport –Duddy

Sinn Féin Councillor Sharon Duddy has appealed to people from Derry who will be heading off on their annual summer holiday in the next few months to ensure that they take out travel insurance.

Councillor Duddy said

“With more people booking their holiday flights and accommodation over the internet it’s vitally important that they factor in travel insurance as part of the overall costs. I would make this appeal particularly to young people in Derry who may be heading off on their first holiday abroad without their parents.

“As an elected representative I see on a daily basis the time and effort that goes into getting a passport but in conversations with many people whilst filling out their forms a lot haven’t thought about taking out holiday insurance.

“With medical costs rising for anyone travelling abroad, travel insurance has never been more important. Any accident or illness while overseas can leave you with a serious financial burden unless you go fully prepared. While people may consider themselves to be in good health there are always unexpected accidents waiting to happen. So it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

“People booking holidays should not just think that travel insurance is about covering medical expenses. Travel insurance can also cover loss of luggage or other personal belongings such as passports and money, help getting home in an emergency and cancelled or delayed flights.

“With all these potential expenses, it’s easy to see why it’s important to take out a good travel insurance policy.Attachments area