Hopes of Gas energy supply for Greater Ballyarnett area -Duffy

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy has said she is hopeful of Gas supplies to homes in  Ballyarnett Village, Sandale, Sandbank  and  Oakbridge Park will happen within the next 12months.

She was speaking after discussions with Firmus Energy  

She said “This is bit of good news for local residents. I have been lobbying for some time now for these areas to be  looked at for Gas energy supply.

“Firmus Energy has now told me that they are hopeful of  adding these developments to their plans in the coming year. I will also ask them to look at adjacent housing developments if the demand is there.

“I would urge any resident who wishes to have gas installed to contact me and I will endeavour to do what I can  to see if it is possible.