Households in North could save £6.7M a year in energy costs-Duffy

Sinn Féin Environment Spokesperson Councillor Sandra Duffy has welcomed tips from the Energy Saving Trust, that could potentially save households across the North £6.7 Million per year.sandra-duffy-pic-150x150-copy

These tips include simple measures such as draught proofing windows and doors, this can be done cheaply and will save on average £20 a year on heating bills.

Other measures include insulating pipes, walls and lofts, not leaving TV’s or other devices on stand-by and turning off lights when they aren’t needed, these are all easy to do and can save households on heat and electricity charges.

Cllr Duffy stated “We all know that it’s important to save energy. In fact it’s been impossible to ignore the headlines telling us to do our bit for the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and adopt a greener lifestyle,
Energy is a limited resource and I would welcome any measures that help us conserve energy and help households save money at the same time”