Housing report demonstrates need for prioritising equality’ – Hassan

The latest evidence of persistent inequalities in housing are further proof of the need to enshrine equality within all areas of public policy, Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan  has said.


The Derry Housing spokesperson was reacting to the Equality Commission’s latest assessment of inequalities and experiences of the housing system faced by people from different backgrounds.

He said:

“The report again demonstrates the persistent inequalities that exist in relation to housing and I very much welcome the work the Equality Commission has done on this important issue.

“The report details the longer waiting lists faced by Catholic applicants, attacks and the threat of attack on newcomer and LGBT communities, lack of accommodation for Travellers and substandard accommodation for migrant workers and those living with disabilities.

“All of that underscores the need for equality to be enshrined at every level of government and public policy. Housing accommodation – like all public spending – should be allocated on the basis of objective need.

“More should also be done to ringfence protection for the vulnerable groups identified in this report. That is a case which my party has been making for some time and it’s unfortunate that some of these key protections were removed by the then SDLP Minister in 2010.”