‘Illegal dumping is a blight on our community’ – Cllr McGinley

Sinn Féin Moor  Councillor Emma McGinley has hit out at those who are dumping household items in community spaces.
Speaking on the issue, Cllr McGinley said,
“Over the past number of weeks there have been several occasions where I’ve had to report the illegal dumping of bulky household items to get them removed by the council. 
“There have been fridges and mattresses dumped in different parts of the area. It is just unsafe and unacceptable.
“The council provides a bulky waste collection service that can be booked online through the council website or by calling 02871374107, so there really is no excuse for this dumping.
“I would urge those who are dumping their waste in our community to stop, and use the free services that are available to dispose of waste appropriately”