‘Implement Legacy bodies not amnesties’ -McCartney

Sinn Féin’s Justice Spokesperson Raymond McCartney  MLA has said that any process on dealing with the legacy of the conflict must be based on implementing the mechanisms agreed at Stormont House rather than amnesties.

The Foyle  MLA was commenting after British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson reportedly called for a full amnesty to be introduced ‘if that’s what it takes’ to protect former state forces from prosecution.Raymond McCartney  said:

 “Gavin Williamson’s call is clearly motivated by a desire to protect British State forces from being held to account for killing Irish citizens rather than any desire to create a genuine Legacy process.“However, the way forward on legacy is not through self-serving or selective amnesties. It is in the implementation of the mechanisms of the Stormont House Agreement.“In that agreement, all parties endorsed legacy mechanisms which should have been operational long before now.


“The Legacy Bill is now finally out for consultation after being stalled for years by the British Government and the DUP. That process needs to take its course and the British Government needs to honour its commitments under the Stormont House Agreement and to abide by their international obligations to victims.”