Importance of Winter road safety for local children -Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has  urged parents in the City and district to encourage their children to think about road safety and called on drivers to be extra careful, particularly at pedestrian crossings, as the morning and afternoon during rush-hour when children will be going to and from school will be darker and extra vigilance is required. 

She  said: 

“Now that we are entering the time when the rush-hour traffic in mornings and afternoons will be during the hours of darkness it’s vital that parents tell their children of school going age about the importance and rules of road safety. 

“It would also be of benefit for parents to encourage their children to have a fluorescent strip on their school bags as most school uniforms are in dark colours and this would help make their child visible to drivers particularly on a day when it’s dull or misty. 

“Drivers also have a responsibility to play their part in road safety, attention and consideration needs to be given, particularly at pedestrian crossings. We continue to pursue our campaign in the Moor Ward to remind drivers to keep to the 30mph within built up areas. Going on what we see each day on our roads and the complaints we receive from constituents that clearly isn’t happening. 

“It is crucial that everyone plays their part on road safety, we only have to look at our TV screens each night to see the heart-breaking stories of the carnage on the roads.”