Increased demand for passports highlights need for Passport Office in Derry – Kelly

Speaking after new figures show that the number of Irish passports issued in Britain is set to double this year compared with the last full year before the EU referendum, Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has said.cityside-candidates-for-2014-kevin-patricia-colly-and-liam-c-mc-menamin-pics-239-438x450-copy

“The demand for Irish passports has increased in Britain and the North since the Brexit Referendum as Ireland will remain inside the European Union.

“This is an indicator that many people living in the North, Britain and Europe that have Irish connections are looking for Irish passports in order to safeguard their position for the future.

“This is not surprising when we consider the detrimental impact Brexit is having on Ireland and Irish people who wish to reaffirm and retain their Irish and EU citizenship.

“These figures also highlight the need for a dedicated Passport Office facility in the North that can meet the demand there as well as act as a further support for the applications coming from the rest of Ireland and Britain. I have been constant in calling for an office to be opened up here in Derry.