Irish Government needs to legislate to protect Irish citizens in the north -Heaney

Sinn Fein representative Conor Heaney has called on the Irish Government to legislate to protect Irish and EU citizenship rights.

The Faughan Sinn Fein candidate  said:

“Brexit has exposed that the British Government failed to legislate, as it agreed to in the Good Friday Agreement, to recognise the Irish citizenship of people here in the north.

“As a result, everyone in the north is considered British in law and this was confirmed in a letter from Home Office Minister Caroline Noakes.

“The only way to change this is to first accept that you are British, then pay the British Government £400 to revoke that citizenship. This flies in the face of the Good Friday Agreement.

“We are Irish citizens in the north of Ireland and we call on the Irish government to legislate to protect our citizenship rights, particularly in the face of Brexit.”