Israel must end the war against Palestinian children – McCartney

Speaking on Universal Children’s Day, Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney  the war against Palestinian children. 

The Foyle  MLA was commenting after figures released by Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP) reported that since the beginning of the year, Israeli Occupation Forces have killed 52 children in Palestine.

Raymond McCartney  said:

“Israeli forces have massacred 52 children in the West Bank and Gaza since the beginning of the year. This is nothing short of a massacre.

“Israel is notorious for human rights abuse and upholding an apartheid state.

“Children and young people often feel the worst effects of Israel’s policies through military courts, imprisonment and deliberate targeting by Israeli forces.

“Children’s daily lives are wrecked through military checkpoints when attempting to travel to school and access sporting facilities.

“The international community have a duty to uphold the rights of children everywhere and must condemn the murder of Palestinian children. We need to see international outrage.

“The Irish Government must give a strong and unambiguous statement that there can be no impunity for Israel’s mass killing of Palestinian children and its continued illegal occupation