Jackson welcomes scheme to help restore Top of the Hill businesses

Sinn Féin Councillor Christopher Jackson has welcomed the news that the Neighbourhood ReStore scheme has being made available to renew shop frontages in the local commercial areas.

£60,000 has been made available to premises in the Top of the Hill area.

Sinn Féin Waterside Councillor  Christopher Jackson
Sinn Féin Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson

Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson said

This investment of over £60,000 will give seven shop fronts in the heart of our community a much needed facelift. The shop fronts at Strabane Old Road have been in need of attention for some time now.

The scheme allows them to be done collectively, which will make a big impact on the appearance of the area.

Local businesses play a vital role in our community but unfortunately many are unable to raise the necessary money to carry out major refurbishments.

I have no doubt that the announcement of this funding will make these shops more welcoming and will hopefully attract other businesses into the area.


We have seen the success of the ReStore  scheme throughout the city centre and I have no doubt that this will have a similar impact to the business premises in our community.