Karen Mullan welcomes decision to reverse cut to school uniform grant

Sinn Féin MLA Karen Mullan has welcomed a decision by the Education Authority to reverse the cut to the school uniform grant.image01-copy

The Foyle MLA was speaking after she and party colleague Caoimhe Archibald met with the Education Authority in Belfast today

Karen Mullan said:

“Sinn Féin opposed this cut since it was announced as it was an attack on children and families from deprived communities.

“We demanded today that the Education Authority reverse this cut so I am delighted that it has now done so.

“Our party leader in the north Michelle O’Neill stressed the unjust nature of this cut to the Interim Head of the Civil Service and why in her view it should be reversed immediately in order to afford families this critical assistance.

“The school uniform grant is a vital resource for many families and makes a real impact on the lives of thousands of children.

“Sinn Féin Minister Caitriona Ruane introduced the primary school uniform grant and her successor John O’Dowd extended the criteria allowing thousands more pupils to benefit.

“This news will provide some reassurance to parents as the processing of applications normally takes place in August.”