Kelly appeals to “light up” bicycles in the city

Councillor Colly Kelly has urged parents in the city to ensure that before they let their children out on bikes purchased for Christmas that they purchase  a safety helmet and that they have a light fitted to the bike.

colly kelly

His comments come following a number of reports of children riding bikes with no lights along a number of busy roads in the city.

Councillor Kelly said “I was contacted by a constituent who was quite shocked to come across a number of young people this week travelling across Craigavon Bridge late at night with no working lights on their bikes and none of them were wearing safety helmets.It was dark and raining at the time and had the traffic been busier he feared there could have been a serious accident due the high volume of traffic that would normally be on the bridge.

I  would make an urgent appeal before anyone lets a child out on a bicycle that they get them a helmet and get a working light on the bike .And if possible wear light coloured or reflective clothing during the day and reflective clothing and/or accessories in the dark.

If this appeal stops one child from being hurt or seriously injured then it is worth it.