Kelly raises concerns over Creggan policing operation

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has called for an ombudsman’s investigation in relation to a search operation which took place in the Creggan area on Monday night by the PSNI Tactical Support Unit.

A number of homes in the Circular Road and Creggan Heights area were evacuated during the operation.

Councillor Colly Kelly
Councillor Colly Kelly


Councillor Kelly said


“A number of residents have contacted me concerned about some aspects of the policing operation in Creggan on Monday night.


It was very a volatile situation with a large group of young people out on the street and a number of residents were out of their homes.


Several have complained to me to that PSNI TSGs were heavy handed in their approach and allegations that a young girl was pushed over.


I have been in contact with the PSNI this morning and raised those concerns.


I feel the best way forward is that if anyone has concerns that they contact their solicitor and the police ombudsman straight away to take up any complaints they may have.


As we have said in the past if the PSNI do a good job we will support them but that would also hold them robustly to account.


He ended by saying


I would also urge parents to make sure their children are not getting caught up in on street disturbances.