Kelly to quiz Chief Constable on Derry house searches

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has said that questions need to be answered by the PSNI about the use of British soldiers today during searches in the Galliagh area of Derry.5080344641_5eae13a7c3_b


Gerry Kelly said:


“I intend to raise the use of British soldiers in house searches in Derry with the Chief Constable at the earliest opportunity.


“The Good Friday Agreement and the promise of a new dispensation for policing was about making policing accountable to the community and did not include the British army.


“I want to know at what level in the PSNI was the request made to bring in the presence of the British army.


“The use of British soldiers in house searches is unacceptable and only makes it more difficult for political leaders and others to achieve genuine policing with the community.”