Kelly to raise lack provision of bungalow provision with housing chiefs‏

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly is to raise the lack of bungalow provision in new social housing developments being planned for Derry over the next few years at a meeting of Derry City and Strabane District Council COLLY.

The council meeting will be addressed by the acting Chief Executive of the Housing Executive who will present the organisations six month district plan.  


Councillor Kelly said “Whilst I welcome the plans for several new housing developments in the city I have very serious concerns about the lack of provision for bungalow type accommodation.


There is a need for bungalow type accommodation for the older members of our community and for people with disabilities in every new development. And they can’t just be built in single figures.


If you need bungalow type accommodation on health grounds or if you are disabled you have to be referred by an Occupational Therapist to the Housing Executive. This can be a very long process.



If we are to move forward and have a better mix of our housing stock it’s clear that there needs to be a higher percentage of bungalow type accommodation and that this should be a priority as we move forward.