Kelly welcomes Bogside bulky lift initiative

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has welcomed the news that a bulky lift/clean up initiative is to take place in the Bogside area today Tuesday 7th November from 08.00am.-2.00pm

Organised by the Council & the Triax neighbourhood management team

colly kelly
colly kelly

The areas covered is from Creggan St/William Street right out to Dove Gardens/Stanley’s Walks and all streets in between.

Councillor Kelly said

“I welcome the news of this bulky lift scheme in the Bogside on Tuesday.This comes on the back of other environmental initiatives in the area over the past year.

“I would appeal for people to take pride in their area and refrain from any type of fly tipping. There is no excuse for this indiscriminate dumping. If anyone has an item of furniture or bulky items that needs collected for disposal they should ring the City Council cleansing department to make arrangements for that to happen.

“These bulky lifts and clean ups give the local residents pride in their area and a sense of ownership and responsibility through community participation.