Killea village to host anti BREXIT rally this weekend –Fleming

Sinn Féin representative Hayleigh Fleming has encouraged people to support a local day of action on Brexit which will take place in Killea this weekend.

Last weekend’s protest had to be cancelled due to  adverse weather conditions.

 The day of action will now take place this Saturday 20th October in Killea Village at 12 noon.

 Hayleigh Fleming said;

“We are now approaching the defining moments of the Brexit negotiations and a lot is at stake. So it’s important that we make our voices heard through the local media and using the power of social media to ensure  that the message reaches right into the heart of Europe.

“The British government have been playing to their own lowest common denominator, the DUP and the far right of the Tory party, and have sought to undermine the agreement that they previously signed up to.

 “The DUP are clearly willing to allow their own constituents to suffer economically, socially & politically in order to enforce their own outdated ideology.  For them, it is simply a hard Brexit and hard border at any cost.

“We will be holding a day of action this coming Saturday October 20th in Killea Village at 12noon.

”I am calling on as many people as possible from Derry and Donegal to take part to demand that the democratic will of the people be respected as the best way to address those concerns.”