Lack of Carnhill play facilities must be addressed – McKnight

Sinn Féin Councillor Caoimhe McKnight has called for provision of children’s play facilities in Carnhill.

Councillor McKnight said:
“It is extremely frustrating that there is a lack of play facilities for the children and young people in the Carnhill area considering the length of time that the estate has been in existence.

“After discussion with various groups in the area including Outer North Neighbourhood Partnership it has become clear that this is an ongoing concern of local residents and has been raised several times over the last 10 years but to date there has been no progress.

“Considering the increasing number of children and young people in the area it is unacceptable that parents have to take their children by car to find play facilities. 

“I have been in contact with Council on this issue have received assurance that they are in the process of developing a new play plan for the city and district.

“I understand that the plan will be based on need and developing a long term strategy for future play provision across the district and it is expected that Council will appoint consultants by Mid-March to map a way forward.
“I will be pressing Council to ensure that Carnhill is a priority area for urgent play provision in that strategy.”