Launch of Derry centenary stamp to commemorate 1916

Chair of Ógra Shinn Féin in Derry Caolán McGinley said 2BDCA4FC-18C8-422A-96EA-A4C9E98E925F34915ED7-243B-4F1E-8B28-455042AB19EA6345C60F-5E6F-412A-8260-ABD591F81EE4F87CE450-8D72-462A-8FF7-FC166731EDFE

“We are pleased to have been asked to launch this year’s special commemorative stamp for the Christmas post as part of the build up to the 2016 centenary. It will be a very important year in the history of our country and initiative’s like this are to welcomed.



Christmas cards will be delivered to any part of Derry City for the minimal price of 20p.


“Cards can be left at the Sinn Féin constituency Office on the Racecourse Road Shantallow, at the new Ráth Mór office on Eastway /New Road and Spencer Road office. The Post will operate from today until midday Thursday 17th December”



For any additional information can contact 02871 377551 or 02871359747 for   details