Lives can be saved with defibrillator register-Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has said a register of all defibrillator machines will help save more lives. 551530_829422410447158_7011883869998710051_n

Speaking after an Assembly debate on defibrillators and the need for a register , he said;

“Defibrillators are now located in civic buildings, schools, sporting clubs, community organisations and many other locations across the North.

In 2011 I got unanimous backing for a motion in the then Derry City Council calling for the introduction of the machines at council facilities and for staff to be trained in their use. And this year we have seen the installation of defibrillators in the city centre with the help of City Centre Initiative  ,Council ,Ambulance Service and various bodies.

“But often paramedics and others responding to emergency situations are not aware of the location of these live-saving devices.

“After discussions with the medical director of the Ambulance Service, David McManus, he accepted the need for a register of defibrillators.

“I am pleased the Assembly unanimously passed my party colleague Olive McMullan MLA motion calling for a register, which would be accessible by the ambulance service and first responders.

“When an organisation purchases a defibrillator the sale should be immediately registered with the ambulance service so they can be aware who bought it and where it is kept.

“In emergency situations time is of the essence and the quicker paramedics can get access to a defibrillator the more lives can be saved.”