Lobbying pays off as Fernabbey get bus shelter -Duffy

Sandra Duffy
Sandra Duffy

Sinn Féin representative Sandra Duffy said


“This is welcome news for local residents who live in Fernabbey, Temple Park  and  Glendale developments .I have been lobbying for some time now to have this bus shelter introduced .


The new bus shelter will make life more comfortable for those residents of the area who depend on Public transport to get around. It will also be of special benefit to the youth of the area who have to stand out in the open in all-weathers waiting for school buses.


I had received complaints from parents and grandparents of children from the area with complaints in bad weather they were going into school soaked to the skin even before they started the school day and that is not what we want in 2014


I would like to thank all those involved in the process to make this possible local residents ,Derry City Council engineers department , and Translink.