‘Local Councils should be accelerating No Deal contingency plans’ – Heaney

Sinn Féin Faughan representative Conor Heaney has called on Derry City and Strabane District Council to work with Donegal County Council to put in place urgent contingency plans in the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

Conor Heaney said: “The chaos in Westminster is bringing all of us closer and closer to the Brexit cliff edge. The EU are well advanced in their No Deal preparations and I have attended briefings with the NI Civil Service and the NIO on some of the No Deal planning that is happening at that level but local Government need to be accelerating their plans also.

“Local Councils could be providing seminars, commissioning toolkits and resource materials, engaging with the EU institutions and seeking additional funding from both the British and Irish Governments and the EU to assist with their preparations against this worst case scenario.

“This Brexit mess is not of our making and the vast majority of the people in the North West voted to remain in the EU, so we must do all we can to try and offset the potential disaster of a No Deal Brexit brought upon us by the Tories and the DUP.”