Logue backs defibrillator map plan

Sinn Féin health spokesperson Councillor Patricia Logue  has backed plans to map the locations of out-of-hospital defibrillators across the north.

She said:

“This innovative project will help improve access to defibrillators across the north and will help to save lives.

“Every minute without CPR or defibrillation reduces a person’s chance of surviving a cardiac arrest by around 10 percent so this map will provide great assistance to ambulance services as it will enable them immediate access to the location of defibrillators in their areas.

“It will also give patients the best possible chance of receiving early defibrillation prior to the ambulance services arrival, which is proven to save lives.”

“In Derry there have been a number of very good initiatives around the installation and training in the use of these machines. In 2011 my party colleague Cllr Colly Kelly successfully got a motion passed calling for defibrillators be installed at all Council buildings and sporting facilities and that staff would be trained how to use the defibrillators.