Logue calls for “Drug drop off bins” in the city

Derry Sinn Féin Health spokesperson Councillor Patricia Logue has called for the introduction of “Drug drop off bins” in the city.

Councillor Logue said “Several months ago I raised concerns about the amount of unused medication in circulation in our city. It is quite staggering that across the North unused prescriptions medicines cost the health services an estimated £18 million per year.

Since then I have spoken to many people who have said one of the biggest problems people have is the disposing of unused prescription and non prescription drugs safely and discreetly.

We know how easy it is to have an old box of medication at the back of the drawer or press, in some cases unused items from perceptions can accumulate very quickly.

Drug drop off bins have been found to be very beneficial in removing these unwanted drugs from other communities .In one instance recently a newly installed drop off bin in a Belfast shopping centre 5000 tablets were disposed of over a two week period.

Its vital that we get a number of these bins located in various parts of the city, with the all important checks  and balances in place.

Concluding she said

We also need investment to support people, in a safe environment, to discuss their dependencies, we need educational programmes to highlight the dangers of drugs and alcohol misuse and we need services to signpost people to in their local communities.