Logue calls for reinstatement of breastfeeding awareness campaign

Sinn Féin Health spokesperson Councillor Patricia Logue  has today called for the Department of Health to reinstate the Public Health Authority (PHA) breastfeeding awareness campaign.

A cut in departmental funding saw the program close last year. 

Councillor Patricia Logue  said:

“There is a clear need to build public awareness of breastfeeding.  The island of Ireland has the lowest rate of breastfeeding in the EU.

“For those who choose to breastfeed, many significant health and social benefits exist for a mother and her child.

“Sinn Féin  have been engaging with the Department of Health on a regular basis to make the case for reinstating a comprehensive PHA public information campaign on breastfeeding.

“I am confident that the Department will recognise the pressing need for a new and enhanced public awareness campaign for breastfeeding mothers.”