Logue Sends Best Birthday Wishes to St Vincent De Paul Society‏

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has extended her best wishes to the Society of St Vincent De Paul that was founded 170 years ago this week . Logue described its charitable work in dealing with poverty and deprivation as ‘life changing.’

She  said:

“The St Vincent De Paul organisation has been supporting individuals and families for the last 170 years.

“They have helped fill in the financial gap and acted as a safety net for countless people over the years and rightly deserve our continued praise and support.

“Approximately 1200 conferences or chapters operate throughout Ireland in bad times and in good.

“Their Volunteers are well known in many communities and their private visits to homes regularly make a huge difference to people, be it an individual or a family, from going hungry or having some heat in their home. 

“The St Vincent De Paul has faced growing demands on their budget since the recession, but demand has been particularly bad over the last 12 months.

“I wish them every success in the future with their life changing work and with Christmas around the corner, their heavy workload and commitment will again be put to the test.

“Hopefully their birthday wish of seeing an end to poverty and deprivation will be achieved in next few years and that the many small and generous donations continue to come from a grateful Irish public.