Logue welcomes Euro funds for older people’s health

Sinn Féin Health spokesperson Patricia Logue has welcomed confirmation that €3.5 million of European funding has been allocated to assist older people living along the border communities.

The money is part of an overall €8.7 million health project for older people with long term conditions. It will focus on developing digital technologies to support health and wellbeing especially in a person’s own home

Councillor Patricia Logue


Patricia Logue  commented:“We want to acknowledge all the hard work done by those who have helped put this project together. Greater cross border cooperation in health will lead to better health outcomes for everyone on the island especially those living in border communities.

“We know that we have an ever increasing age profile of society. Estimates for 2026 say there will be more over 65s than under 16s.

“This is another example to the benefits local people get out of membership of the EU. This project also includes the Scottish NHS as a partner, Brexit puts future projects and investment like this at risk.

“There is a real case that needs to be made on securing designated special status for the future of similar funding but also on a whole range of cross border health arrangements.

“Older people as well as the rest of the population face daily problems accessing primary care, some areas are worse than others and projects like this hopefully will play a role in relieving this pressure.

“Those demanding a hard Brexit are putting future cooperation and projects like this at risk