Logue welcomes replenishing of Grit Boxes in advance of the winter period

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue  has welcomed the introduction of salt/grit boxes on some of the steepest streets in the Bogside area well in advance of the winter period

Councillor Logue  said “I would like to commend Transport NI for replenishing these grit boxes well in advance of the winter freeze.

“They have been replenished  in a number of side streets just off the Lonemoor Road where residents always find it difficult to manage getting in and out of their homes in heavy frost or snow because the streets are very steep. The same goes for delivery lorries or the emergency services.

“I would appeal to all communities to ensure that their local salt /grit boxes are not vandalised.

“There have been occasions in recent years with groups going home late at night or someone thinking it’s funny to kick the contents of the grit box out or move it down a street. But clearly it isn’t.

“It takes a lot of lobbying with Transport NI to get these boxes put in place.

“They serve a very practical but important essential service and are there for the specific reason of safety of residents, motorists and pedestrians.