Major campaign launched against Dog Fouling -Logue

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue said

Just over two years ago following a high number of high complaints about dog dirt I convened a number of public information sessions in the Bishop Street, Brandywell, Bogside areas on the issue of dog fouling, which was  blighting many communities. Patricia Logue new pic 22

Sadly this problem still exists and is having an impact on the local community. The mess caused by dog fouling is dirty, smelly and unpleasant, and creates a significant health hazard, especially to children, and brings irresponsible dog owners into conflict with other users of public places.

In recent times my party colleague Maeve McLaughlin has also received a high number of complaints about this problem in the Rosemount area.

I contacted at Bogside and Brandywell Initiative(BBI) and asked them  to convene a multi-agency meeting regarding the major issue of Dog fouling in the TRIAX area .Those in attendance included the Housing Executive wardens, BBI,Council dog wardens, Council cleansing.

We have identified target areas. From today all those groups and organisations involved in the process we will be starting a campaign highlighting the problem of dog fouling Dove Gardens/ Lecky Road area. We will be going door to door – giving information on who to contact, what they can do, asking for resident involvement in trying to eradicate this problem.

For resident involvement -call BBI ask for Colm, Donna or Aiden on 71261916.