Major concern over missing road markings in Bogside –Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has called on Transport NI (Formally Roads Service) to carry out an emergency road marking scheme at key road junctions in the Bogside as a matter of urgency. COLLY

He was speaking after complaints that many of the road markings in and around several  busy pedestrian crossings in the area had disappeared.

Councillor Kelly said “I have been contacted by local residents and motorists concerned that many of the road markings at key crossings in the area have simply disappeared .Of major concern is the crossing at the bottom of William Street which in some places is non-existent .This is one of the busiest junctions in the city centre and a number of motorists have told me that when travelling from Rossville Street onto William Street there is little signage to let you know there is a crossing ahead plus then the road markings simply aren’t there. There is also concern about road markings at the bottom of the Lecky Road Flyover and along sections of Rossville Street.

I calling on Transport NI to make the Bogside a key priority for a road marking scheme before we head into the into the dark winter months as this area of the city sees thousands of cars and pedestrians passing though it on a weekly basis. It’s also a tourist hub and access point to the night time economy in the city centre.