Major environmental scheme on the way for Rosemount and Glen areas- Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has welcomed the news that a major environmental scheme is to take place in the Glenview area and that a bulky lift scheme is to take  across the Glen and Rosemount areas in the third week of April.

He said

“Over the last few months I have been working closely with both the Glen Development Initiative  and the council on a major environmental improvement scheme which will see the removal of rubbish and other debris from the mews lanes in the Glenview area.

“This will be followed by the installation of planter trays and hanging baskets made by the GDI Mens Shed which can be used by local residents to plant their own flowers and plants in the mews lanes.

“In tandem with this initiative council will start the roll out of a pilot recycling scheme for which I obtained funding for last year. This will see all houses in the area visited to ensure that they have adequate numbers of blue and black bins.

“Finally, in conjunction with my party colleague Hayleigh Fleming a bulky lift has been organised of household items will be rolled out in the Glen Estate, Glen Road, the general Rosemount and Glenview areas between  the 23rd and 25th April. We have also delivered leaflets to local homes which outlines the type of material which will be collected, and which streets will be included on each date.

“Taken together I hope these schemes will greatly reduce incidents of fly tipping and greatly improve the appearance of the entire Glen area.