Major restoration work at Republican plot not “vandalism” -Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly  has moved to ease fears that Republican Graves may have been vandalised in the city cemetery and explained that the white solution poured over headstones in recent days was part of work undertaken by the Graves Association  the letter and markings on the headstones is part of  major restoration work for the Centenary Commerations on Sunday 27th March.McGuinness_Derry_Vols_1

Councillor Colly Kelly  said

“We have been contacted on several occasions in the last few days by people who had seen the white solution on the headstones in the Republican Plot in the City cemetery and were worried that it was some sort of vandalism.

I would like to allay people’s fears and let them know that the solution is part of major refurbishment work being carried out on the headstones, lettering and markings which is being under taken by the Derry Republican Graves Association  for the  Easter Centenary commemorations at the end of the month. This year the Easter parade will be the biggest this city has seen in years so it’s very important that the plot in top class condition in advance of that.