Makeover needed of the area in and around the Lecky Road Flyover

Sinn Féin Councillor Sharon Duddy has called for revamp and makeover of the area in and around the Lecky Road Flyover.

Councillor Duddy said   “The physical appearance of area in and around the Flyover is in a sorry looking state.

“The roadway is badly damaged, a number of road signs are vandalised and the large wall that runs under the Flyover is covered in unsightly graffiti. I am being stopped by people on a daily basis asking can anything be done about it.

“There was good news recently with the planned half a million pound investment in the regeneration of the Abercorn Road  area by Urban Villages which is going to give the entire area an uplift.

“I believe that the various agencies in partnership with the local community organisations could come up with a scheme that could transform this gateway into the Bogside linking up with the city centre.

“We also all need to work collectively to address this the situation with the vacant section of the Meenan Square complex and breathe new life into the area. This site was once the vibrant heartbeat of the Bogside with many local businesses and services.

“These buildings have the potential to become the catalyst for change in this community.

“It is vitally important when this complex is redeveloped that the surrounding infrastructure receives a much needed make over and repair.