Martin McGuinness fishing comp hailed a huge success

Martin Mc Guinness fishing comp hailed a huge success  

The organisers of the Martin Mc Guinness memorial fishing competition have hailed the success of the event and thanked all those who took part. 

A spokesperson for the Martin Mc Guinness Peace Foundation said: “We would like to thank the Buncrana Anglers Association who hosted the competition and all those who took part in what was a hugely success event.  

“It was great to be back for the third annual competition after last year’s event was cancelled due to the public health crisis. 

“It was also very fitting that it took place at Eddie Fullerton’s Dam which is of course named after Martin’s friend and comrade and located in the Illies where his mother was from. 

“As a keen fly fisher, this is a great way to remember Martin and we would like to congratulate the winners Peter Mc Gilloway and Cormac Doherty.  

“Thanks also to Lizzie O’Farrells Bar in Derry for sponsoring the winning boat and Terry Morrison who received a presentation in recognition of his great support since the event started. 

“While the competition was a huge success, we would also remind people of the upcoming Chieftains Walk which is another great way to pay tribute to the life and legacy of Martin Mc Guinness.” 

Registration or the Chieftains Walk costs £10 and you can sign up at: