Mary Lou McDonald in series of engagements with Plaid Cymru, Scottish Nationalist and British Labour Parties

Today Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD conducted a series of phone conferences with Adam Price, leader of Plaid Cymru, Nicola Sturgeon leader of Scottish Nationalist Party and Jeremy Corbyn leader British Labour Party.

Following the conversations Deputy McDonald said:

“Over recent years we in Sinn Féin have developed positive working relationships with Plaid Cymru, the Scottish Nationalist and British Labour parties.

“While there is a diversity of opinions regarding Brexit, it clearly represents a common challenge to all. 

“It is crucial for Ireland that Brexit cannot undermine the Good Friday Agreement which remains an internationally binding treaty. 

“I discussed this point with party leaders and reiterated the need to protect the agreements and rights of citizens and to safeguard Irish economic Interests.

“The backstop as agreed in the withdrawal agreement remains the bare minimum of protection and cannot be set aside, undermined or time limited. 

“There can be no hard border across Ireland. In the event of a no deal Brexit the only way to avoid a hard border is to hold an Irish Unity referendum, in line with the Good Friday Agreement and to let the people have their say.

“I look forward to meeting and continuing to engage with the party leaders in the time ahead.”