Masked men stealing oil aren’t “Robin Hood” characters –Kelly

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly has said that those behind the current wave of oil thefts in the Bogside  are not some type of modern day “Robin Hood” characters.

He made his comment after oil thefts in the Bogside took a sinister turn this week after residents disturbed a number of masked men attempting to steal oil from local homes.

Councillor Kelly “Since I became a Councillor I have never received so many complaints’ and correspondence from constituents about oil thefts.

Just week there were several stories of terrifying incidents in the Bogside where residents came across a number of masked men in the gardens of their homes attempting to steal oil.

I know that in a number of other incidents these criminal gangs were successful in their pursuit of oil thefts.

It needs to be made clear this is not victim less crime .These gangs are striking fear into local residents. They are not some type of modern Robin Hood  characters they are criminals preying on the community, plain and simple.

It’s also needs to be said if people weren’t buying this stolen fuel there wouldn’t be a market for it.  

I would urge people not to buy this oil and if they have any info on who is involved in stealing the oil to contact the relevant authorities.