Mc Callion to meet Airporter over Concessionary fare withdrawal

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion  has accused the DUP of contradicting itself by seeking parity with Britain on Brexit arrangements but not on people’s rights.

The Foyle  MP was commenting after DUP Leader Arlene Foster said Brexit cannot be allowed to lead to different arrangements here than in Britain.

“Arlene Foster’s comments expose the contradiction at the heart of DUP policy,” Elisha McCallion  said.

“They don’t want any divergence when it comes to Brexit but they are quite happy to go a different way when it comes to the rights and entitlements of citizens in the North of Ireland.

“Language rights, marriage equality and the right to proper inquests are all taken for granted in Britain but they are not available here because the DUP is denying them to citizens.

“Like the pro-Brexit camp in general, they are trying to have it both ways but I am confident they will find out in time, that is not a credible position.

“Similarly, their denial of rights is not sustainable given the fact that these rights are now supported by the majority of Assembly parties and wider society.”