McCallion calls for equal commitment to North West Growth Deal

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has hit out at the British Government and called for equal treatment of the Belfast and North West Growth Deals.

The Foyle MP said: “For months now I have been engaging with the British government on an Inclusive Growth Deal that will help finance key economic projects in the North West.

“Those talks were progressing well in parallel with negotiations on a Belfast deal.

“However, the British Secretary of State has now told me that, as her government is not formally committed to a deal for the North West, she will not conduct formal negotiations. Meanwhile work will continue on a deal for Belfast.

“That decision is wrong and must be challenged because an Inclusive Growth Deal is an opportunity to address the structural inequalities that exist in the North West.

“I am again calling on the British Government to make a formal public commitment to the Inclusive Growth Deal for the North West and to progress the Belfast and North West deals in tandem.” ENDS/CRÍOCH