McCallion condemns attack on Galliagh Play Park /Rainbow Playgroup

Sinn Féin Councillor Elisha McCallion has condemned a number of incidents of vandalism in the Galliagh area in the last number of days including an overnight fire at a play park on Heather Road and the theft of a  fence from the Rainbow playgroup project.

Councillor McCallion said “People in the area are shocked on hearing the news that thieves removed the fence from the Rainbow playgroup which only had its  grand opening last week.

Today we hear now that someone has set fire to and caused damage to the play park at Heather Road.

Galliagh has a large young population and needs facilities like this, so it’s hard to contemplate why anyone would even think about targeting a play park that is there for the benefit of the entire community .

I would like to state clearly that those involved in these attacks are totally unrepresentative of the local community .