McCallion encourages parents to monitor children’s online activity

Sinn Féin MLA Elisha McCallion has urged parents and guardians to be vigilant of children’s online use after a number of schools have banned chatroom app SimSimi due to reports of cyber bullying. dsc_4127

“I would urge parents to be extremely vigilant of their children’s usage of the internet. I have received a number of reports of cyber bullying on the online forum and mobile app, SimSimi.

“This is very concerning and many schools across the city and the island of Ireland have now banned the app.

“Whilst the internet offers opportunities for us all to connect with each other and engage with society in new ways, it can also expose children and young people to very real dangers.

“I would encourage parents to beware of the dangers of this app and if possible to remove the app from their children’s mobile phones, tablets and other devices to ensure their protection and safety online.”