McCallion to attend Messines memorial event

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion will attend a memorial service in Derry tomorrow to remember all those killed in the battle of Messines 100 years ago.

The Foyle MP said: elisha-head-shot-1

“100 years ago thousands of men from across Ireland fought and died at the Battle of Messines.

“The First World War is part of our shared history and it is important to recognise its significance and remember those who were killed.

“Tomorrow, alongside former Speaker of the Assembly Michel McLaughlin and Martina Anderson MEP, I will attend a memorial event in the Diamond in Derry to remember all of those from across the island of Ireland killed at Messines.

“I previously attended this memorial as mayor, also alongside Mitchel McLaughlin, and tomorrow I will attend it as MP for everyone in the city.

“While, as Irish republicans we regard the First World War as an imperialist conflict which led to the slaughter of millions of people, it is important to remember its importance in our history, particularly to the unionist community.

“Everyone has a right to remember their dead in a dignified and respectful manner.”