McCallion welcomes progress on the “Our Future Foyle” initiative

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has welcomed progress on the Our Future Foyle initiative which aims to revitalise the area around the city’s riverfront.

The Foyle MP said: 

“The river Foyle and the surrounding riverfront area is one of the best assets we have in this city.

“The Our Future Foyle initiative aims to utilise the river and its banks to promote improved health and wellbeing across the city.

“This initiative involves the proposed installation, Foyle Reeds, which would not only provide a new iconic public art installation along the riverfront and across the Foyle Bridge, but would also form a safety barrier and help reduce tragedies along the riverbank.

“It would also see the creation of unique pods, Foyle Bubbles, along the riverbank which would be available at an affordable cost to local start-up businesses to help boost the city’s economy.

“This initiative was based on consultations with local stakeholders and is progressing well and will now be ready to move to the next stage and the public will hopefully get a chance to see prototypes in