McCartney calls on Osborne to scrap tax credits plans‏

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney has called on the British Chancellor to scrap controversial plans to cut tax credits and to end his party’s ideological assault on low-paid workers.Speaking after last night’s votes in the British House of Lords, Raymond McCartney  said; City centre walkabout

“These votes are an indication of the growing opposition to the austerity agenda of George Osborne and the British government.

“The British Tory government has no mandate in the North yet its proposals to cut tax credits would have pushed thousands of local families into poverty.

“George Osborne and his millionaire colleagues in the Tory cabinet should now listen to the increasing numbers of people calling for change and an end to failed austerity policies.

“There is also a need for wider civic society in the North to come together and present a broad based opposition to Tory plans to drive people deeper into poverty.”