McCartney encourages public to engage with legacy consultation

Sinn Féin Justice  spokesperson Raymond McCartney  MLA has encouraged the public to make submissions to the consultation on the draft Legacy bill.

Raymond McCartney said:“The British Government’s legacy consultation is currently ongoing and aims to gather views on the key provisions contained within the draft legacy bill.

raymond mccartney
“The consultation deals with matters of relevance to society as a whole and I would encourage all citizens, irrespective if they were directly or indirectly impacted by the conflict or not, to make submissions on key issues of concern in the bill.

“We remain strongly opposed to any attempt to introduce any new alternative proposals, such as a ‘statute of limitation’ or any amnesty for state forces into the legislative process.
“During the conflict, State forces operated with impunity and any attempt to legalise this policy, which constituted an integral aspect of the British government’s sustained abuse of the human rights of Irish citizens both during and after the conflict.
 “The monies requested by the Lord Chief Justice for legacy inquests should also be released with no further obstruction by the British government and the legacy mechanisms agreed at Stormont House should be implemented.
“Sinn Féin will be making a written submission to the consultation and I would encourage citizens to also make their views known before it closes on close on 10th September 2018.

“Sinn Féin can provide assistance any citizen, in any way possible, who wish to make a submission.”