McCartney supports Brexit Border Rally

Sinn Féin Assembly Election Candidate, Raymond McCartney has called for support for a protest rally organised by Derry based campaign group ‘Breaking Down Brexit’ at the Bridgend border crossing this Saturday 18th February at 10am to highlight the negative impact and everyday reality that Brexit will have for people crossing the border.


Raymond McCartney said:14502798_1164193246970071_6565486456371092707_n


“The organisers have assured me that while their intention is to highlight the realities that Brexit will have on day-to-day life for anyone who has to cross the border they will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum.


“There will be a mock custom post and older citizens will have some memory of the disruption these border checks caused but which it will be totally alien to younger generations.


“I believe that it is important that people are given an indication of what the reality of Brexit will have for the 30,000 people who cross the border on a daily basis to work or study. But it will also give a flavour of what it will be like for other travellers also.


“It is important to ensure that the democratically expressed wishes of the majority citizens in the North who voted to remain within the EU is respected and that this message is sent loud and clear to the British government at every opportunity.
“The ongoing election campaign provides every person intending to cast a vote – and I would encourage the maximum number to do so – to interrogate candidates and parties on their record and policies on protecting the rights of citizens in the North post Brexit.


“We have lived with the negative effects of partition in economic, social and political terms for over 90 years. The border has fractured our economy, separated communities and stunted investment and development in the general border corridor area.


“It is only in recent years that we have begun to surmount the obstacles in areas of health, education, food production etc caused by partition and any suggestion of a British government reimposing a visible border, hard or soft, stretching from Derry to Dundalk, is unacceptable and Sinn Féin the only party with representation in every elected fora on this island and in Europe will lead robust opposition to it.


“I welcome this initiative by the ‘Breaking Down Brexit’ group – a non-political broad range group – and encourage anyone who has an hour on Saturday morning to join them at Bridgend at ten o’clock.”