McCartney to meet Concentrix (Tax Credits) on Monday

On Monday 3rd October Raymond McCartney MLA will meet with Concentrix Executive responsible for the HMRC account

Raymond McCartney said:DSC_6528

“I will be raising concerns of local families affected by this crisis created through what I consider unsound procedures applied by HMRC and implemented in an arbitrary fashion by Concentrix.

“I will impress on them the effect that this bureaucratic mess is having on those whose Tax Credits have been terminated without proper consideration and consultation causing unnecessary and avoidable hardship.

“I intend to forcefully put the case that this is a HMRC created problem and not one within the remit of the Assembly to rectify. It is therefore a decision that must be taken at the British Treasury in London to have all terminated cases reinstated pending completion of any investigations.

“I find it intolerable that families are being put into hardship and stress without any clear evidence of wrongdoing.